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Art Lessons are for children and adults. Self Expression and creativity are no longer areas for only children. Many areas of big business now recognize the value of developing and encouraging visual skills. Even though in today’s educational system, more emphasis is placed on the technical aspect of learning and the standard three R’s of learning, more and more educators are beginning to acknowledge that knowledge of the arts and of visual art in particular can have a definite and positive impact on our young people.

My private classes allow and encourage both the young and the “not so young” to learn how to draw using your imagination and discover your very own artistic talent. Lessons cover basic drawing using pastel, pencil, pen, and watercolor. Lessons will use various subjects including still life, portraiture and landscape. Learn about the Principles of design and the Elements of Art.

My classes begin with an explanation of the art supplies you will be using. In both my High School and Adult classes, you will first learn basic drawing skills including how to use the art supplies, art history, and basic art principles including line, shape or form. All students will be given assignments as the lesson progress.

" ...learn to draw using your imagination... "