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Children Ages 5 years through 10 years

Art projects will include the basics of learning basic art terms while creating drawings paintings of people, faces, still life arrangements, environments and collage designs.

Middle and High School Students

These lessons are geared for students who may want to pursue a career in art. Private art lessons are geared toward developing an art portfolio. Art lesson plans are all individualized. Basic drawing skills and the studentís interest are incorporated into the art lessons. Fashion design, graphic novel illustration, and painting are samples of the specialized lesson plans developed.


These sessions are available for the adult looking for a new hobby. These lessons cover basic drawing, watercolor, and acrylic. Art lesson plans include landscape, portraits and abstract. Since the lessons are private, the student has the benefit of choosing subjects that they want to learn how to paint and draw.

Where are the lessons taught?

Art lessons may be taught the student's home in the Washington Metropolitan area. Arts lessons are also taught on weekends in the instructorís home in Waldorf, Maryland.

Cost of Art Lesson

Private Art Lesson:

$85 per hour lesson

Semi-Private Art Lesson (two art students):

$50 per art student per hour

Group Art Lesson (Minimum of 3 art students):

$40 per art student per hour

**$15 to $25 additional fee for travel